Bonus Buy Slots

Introduction to Bonus Buy Slots

Welcome to the thrilling world of Bonus Buy Slots! These innovative games revolutionize the traditional slot experience, offering a fast track to exciting features for an additional cost. Dive into a realm where the pursuit of bonus rounds is no longer a waiting game but an immediate gateway to entertainment and potential rewards.

bonus buy slots
bonus buy slots

What Sets Bonus Buy Slots Apart

Unlike standard slots, Bonus Buy Slots provide an option to purchase bonuses, typically including free spins and unique game modifiers. The price for this shortcut varies, often ranging from 50x to 2,000x your bet, depending on the game’s potential returns. This feature introduces a new layer of strategy, allowing players to balance risk and reward as they choose between safer options with more frequent wins or riskier rounds with the possibility of substantial payouts.

Diverse Bonus Buy Options

Developers have innovated various forms of Bonus Buy features to cater to different player preferences. Some games offer a single round purchase, while others present multiple options, each with distinct volatility levels and reward structures. This flexibility ensures that there’s a Bonus Buy option to suit every type of slot enthusiast.

Understanding the Mechanics

Here’s a breakdown of how Bonus Buy Slots work:

  1. Optional Feature: The Bonus Buy option is always optional, adding a layer of decision-making to your gaming experience.
  2. Cost and Value: The cost for bonus rounds varies, reflecting the game’s volatility and potential payouts. For example, ‘Deadwood’ by Nolimit offers two bonus buy options at different price points, each with unique advantages.
  3. RTP Advantage: Purchasing bonuses can sometimes offer a slight increase in the game’s Return to Player (RTP) percentage, enhancing your chances of winning.
buy bonus slots uk
buy bonus slots uk

Choosing the Right Bonus Buy Slot

When selecting a Bonus Buy Slot, consider the following aspects:

  • Volatility: Different games offer varying levels of risk and reward. Assess your comfort level with volatility before making a purchase.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Weigh the cost of the bonus against its potential rewards. Higher-priced options usually offer more lucrative bonuses but come with greater risk.
  • Game Theme and Features: Choose a slot that aligns with your interests and preferences in terms of theme and gameplay mechanics.

Highlighted Slot Games with Exceptional Bonus Features

Premier Selections

Our curated collection of slot games with bonus features and free spins offers a diverse range of exciting options. Whether you’re exploring randomly or seeking the top-rated games recommended by experienced players, our list spotlights some standout titles.

Money Train 2

This game stands out for its immersive steampunk and Wild West theme, coupled with innovative gameplay. Notable for its Money Cart bonus game, players can bypass standard play for a 100x bet, aiming for wins up to 50,000x.

Nitropolis by ELK Studios

Nitropolis offers a dynamic experience with its unique Nitro Reels feature, accommodating up to 12 symbols for over 85 million winning combinations. A 100x bet unlocks 25 free spins with enhanced scatter properties, and a further investment triples the bet for additional gameplay benefits.

buy bonus slots
buy bonus slots

Dead or Alive 2

Gaining immediate popularity, Dead or Alive 2 combines classic slot elements with global appeal. It offers a straightforward experience with an option to access bonus features directly.

Extra Chilli

Developed by BTG, Extra Chilli infuses a light-hearted feel into the collection. As a sequel to the beloved Bonanza, it introduces a unique gamble feature on free spins, starting at a 50x bet. This Megaways game boasts 117,649 ways to win, tumbling reels, and an unlimited multiplier.

San Quentin by Nolimit City

Despite its controversial prison theme, San Quentin has garnered a large fan base due to its unique narrative and complex gameplay. Its notable feature, costing 2,000x the bet, has sparked discussions but remains a popular choice for its distinctive approach and high-stakes play.

bonus buy slots free play
bonus buy slots free play

Responsible Gaming

While Bonus Buy Slots add excitement to your gaming experience, it’s crucial to play responsibly. Set a budget for bonus purchases and stick to it. Remember, these features are designed to enhance your enjoyment, not lead to financial strain.


Bonus Buy Slots offer a dynamic and engaging way to enjoy online slots, providing instant access to exciting features and potential rewards. By understanding the mechanics and making informed choices, you can maximize your gaming experience while playing responsibly.


What are Bonus Buy Slots?

Bonus Buy Slots are innovative slot games allowing players to purchase direct access to bonus features, typically including free spins and special game modifiers, for an additional cost.

How does the Bonus Buy feature work?

The Bonus Buy option is an additional feature in slot games where players can pay a certain amount, often 50x to 2,000x their bet, to instantly access bonus rounds or special game features.

Is the Bonus Buy feature always available?

No, the Bonus Buy feature is optional and is not available in all slot games. It varies based on the game’s design and mechanics.

What should I consider before using the Bonus Buy feature?

Consider the game’s volatility, the cost of the bonus in relation to its potential rewards, and your personal preference for game themes and features.

Are there different types of Bonus Buy options?

Yes, developers offer a variety of Bonus Buy features to cater to different player preferences, including single round purchases or multiple options with varying volatility levels and rewards.

Can purchasing a bonus affect the game's RTP?

In some games, purchasing a bonus can slightly increase the game’s Return to Player (RTP) percentage, potentially enhancing your chances of winning.

What are some top Bonus Buy Slot games?

Some popular games include ‘Money Train 2’, ‘Nitropolis’ by ELK Studios, ‘Dead or Alive 2’, ‘Extra Chilli’, and ‘San Quentin’ by Nolimit City, each offering unique themes and bonus features.