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The Rise of a Gaming Giant

A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Industry Leadership

Nolimit City, established in 2014, has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse in the online casino industry. This Stockholm-based game developer, with additional operations in Gzira, Malta, and Gurugram, India, has redefined online slot gaming with its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. The company’s growth trajectory is a testament to its commitment to excellence, creativity, and player engagement.

Key Features that Set Nolimit City Apart

Innovative Gaming Mechanics

Nolimit City has pioneered several unique game mechanics, setting new standards in the online slot gaming industry:

  1. xNudge: Enhances player interaction and potential winnings through dynamic symbol nudging.
  2. xBomb: Adds an element of surprise and increased winning chances through explosive symbols.
  3. xWays: Expands the number of ways to win, providing a thrilling and unpredictable gaming experience.
  4. xPays: Introduces an innovative payout mechanism, offering a refreshing twist on traditional slot mechanics.
Nolimit City
Nolimit City

Seamless Cross-Platform Integration

All Nolimit City games are designed with the modern gamer in mind. Whether you’re playing on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll experience the same high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay, thanks to their state-of-the-art optimization techniques.

Nolimit City’s Game Portfolio: A Blend of Creativity and Diversity

Groundbreaking Titles

Nolimit City’s portfolio is a vibrant mix of uniquely themed games, each offering an immersive experience:

  • San Quentin: A prison-themed slot game with a staggering 150,000x maximum win potential.
  • Deadwood: A Wild West adventure filled with thrilling shootouts and bounty hunts.
  • Punk Rocker: A rebellious take on slot gaming, echoing the anarchic spirit of punk culture.
  • Fire in the Hole: An explosive mining-themed game that offers a deep and engaging experience.
  • East Coast vs West Coast: A hip-hop-inspired title that brings the East and West coast rivalry to the gaming world.

Charting the Future: Nolimit City’s Vision and Growth

Leadership and Vision

Under the guidance of Jovin Genovese (Director), Jonas Tegman (Co-Founder), and Orpen Kisacikoglu (Co-Founder), Nolimit City continues to push the boundaries of online gaming. Their collective expertise has been pivotal in crafting games that resonate with players worldwide.

nolimit city slots
nolimit city slots

Strategic Expansion and Acquisition

In 2022, Evolution Gaming AB acquired Nolimit City for a significant sum of EUR 340 million, marking a new chapter in its journey. This acquisition synergizes the strengths of both companies, promising to bring even more innovative and engaging gaming experiences to players.


Nolimit City stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality in the online casino world. Its journey from a promising startup to an industry leader is a story of relentless pursuit of excellence, creative freedom, and an unwavering commitment to providing the best gaming experiences. With its impressive portfolio and strategic growth, Nolimit City is not just a game developer; it’s a game-changer in the truest sense.

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